Sunday, 19 April 2015

joining crochet yoyo's

first yoyo

 A yoyo is made by making 12 trebles (double crochets) into a magic loop finish by joining to ch3 in beginning chains.
tie a knot to secure
                    Thread tails into back of yoyo and tie a knot to secure , cut off tails.

                                                           finished yoyo twelve stitches

grab starting stitch
 start second yoyo  and after a few trebles drop the begining stitch of the next treble and pick it up again through a stitch on first yoyo , doesn't matter which stitch you choose.
                            Pull stitch on second yoyo through the stitch on the first yoyo.
pull through

                                            Carry on making the trebles for the second yoyo.

finish 2nd yoyo
 First yoyo with second yoyo finished - draw the magic loop tight and sew in tails at the back of the second yoyo, tie a knot to secure.

 You can now go on to make the third yoyo, the next joining loops/stitches are the second stitches from the join already made; so from existing join , miss a stitch, join into next stitch.
first join of third yoyo

Second join of third yoyo
  Complete two more trebles , drop the beginning loop and pull through the stitch two stitches from the join , so that's miss a stitch, pull into the next stitch.
                                                              Finish the third yoyo.
          Draw magic loop tight and finish yoyo securing the tails at the back of this third yoyo.

                                                    Carry on in this way with fourth yoyo.
 Each join needs to be the second stitch from the previous join , so it goes join , miss a stitch join and so on.
joining 4th yoyo
                                     Four yoyos showing where you will join the fifth yoyo.
 Each yoyo has 6 yoyos joined to it in this way, there are twelve stitches around each yoyo, and you join into every other stitch, - miss one, join one, around each yoyo.

joined yoyos

                  Not sure if this is clear enough so please comment to ask any further questions :-)