Thursday, 20 December 2012

reborn baby doll

I've not posted for a while because I have been busily making this reborn doll , i can't get the photo to do her justice, she is a lot more detailed than she looks and weighs and feels like a real baby. I've knitted another neck down cardigan for her this time. I've used layers of real effects air dry paints to paint her, she's made from a Sofia doll kit and has dark brown mohair for her hair. The mohair fleece is from Areeba who lives on Newmoor Barn farm in Devon..


  1. Wow she's realistic. I know someone who makes them and she had twin ones sat in bouncy chairs and a workman came and was worried he'd wake them up. I've held them and they do feel like babies.

    1. Just commented on a crafty blog. She's lovely. Do they help when you get broody?

  2. thank you Ruth :-) and yes Bridget she helps me, making her has been quite cathartic xx