Sunday, 4 March 2012

february's squares have been added


February's squares have been added :-) For March I'm doing a surround of smaller squares.


  1. Wow, that blanket's getting big. Impressive!

  2. Ooh - they're all so beautiful! Well done :o)

  3. thank you Bridget and Hannah :)

  4. That's a good idea! I'm late to all this, as per usual. lol xx

  5. How do you get the label widget at the side? x

  6. I think late with it doesn't matter Minnie :) I'm just doing as many as i can each month - there's a group for it with lots of other women joining in on facebook

    which label widget the bit with the crafty blog button in?

  7. The one with all the subjects, like knitting, crochet, etc. xx

    Ta for the link.

  8. ah right - go into the back of your blog where you add gadgets, click 'add gadgets' and choose the one called 'labels' and just drag it to where you want it to be.
    then any labels you put on your posts will show as a label list or label cloud depending how you chose on the gadget.
    if you get stuck just pop back in here or email me x

  9. Thank you! mwah! xx

    Next question. lol. Where did you get the coloured crochet hook thingy/grippers from? The ones that are supposed to help with wrist-ache. Ergonomic stuff. (previous post) Never seen them in Asda. Ta muchly. xx

    By way of thank you, I have found a lovely recipe for a custard tart flan. Will post it up on the blog..or visit Slow Living Essentials, which is where I spotted it. xx

  10. custard tart flan sounds yummy I'll look forward to that :)
    as to the grips they're pencil grips , this is what you do with them
    I bought mine off ebay -

    sorry the link is soooo long xx