Sunday, 20 November 2011

wrist warmers

I knitted wrist warmers / fingerless gloves made out of the yarn I didn't use in the socks :) 2.5 circular needle or dpns cast on 48 and just knit two pearl two rib in a tube for 3cm then continue in knit using this video to put the thumb in wherever you want it depending on how long up your arm you want the warmers to go  :-)


  1. Lovely wrist warmer, i am sure they are warm!
    Did your mum like her card?
    Hugs xx

  2. love those!! Clever girly!! :)

  3. Hiya Pat, she hasn't had it yet because Lana went down ill with tonsilitis and we didn;t want mum to catch it so we haven't seen her yet ! I know she will love it xx

    Thanks A - girly - I like that lol more like old womany lately lol xx

  4. do you know of any crochet patterns for wrist warmers?