Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Baby booties

this is my current project, baby booties for the Premature baby big knit. Booties are used by the units at Sheffield and Chesterfield, if you make some you send them in to Wye Needlecraft who take them into the hospitals for us. Up to now I have only done the first three rows , we'll see how I go ;) I've never done any before , fingers crossed.

BOOTEES 3ply & 4ply Version
Materials: Small quantity of  3ply, 4ply
Needles: 2.25mm (13) & 2.75mm (12) for 3 ply,
2.75mm (12) & 3.25mm (10) for 4ply,
With smaller needles cast on 23 (25) sts, fairly loosely.
Knit 3 rows.
Work K1 P1 rib for 7 rows.
Change to larger needles and rib 1 more row.
Divide for Instep (RS)
Next row. K16 (17), turn.
Next row. P9, turn.
Work 12 rows in stocking st on these 9 sts. Break yarn.
Rejoin yarn to instep side of 7 (8)sts on needle and pick up and knit 9 sts from side of
instep, K9 sts from needle, 9sts from side of instep, 7 (8)sts from needle. 41 (43)sts.
Work 9 rows in garter st.
Next row. work 2 tog, patt 17 (18), work 3 tog, patt 17 (18) work 2 tog.
Next row. Knit
Next row. Work 2 tog, patt 15 (16), work 3 tog, patt 15 (16) work 2 tog.
Knit 1 row. 33 (35)sts.
Cast off. Sew up. (No ribbon needed)

there are more patterns on the website and we'd love to see any on here if you make some :)