Sunday, 2 January 2011

First ever finished sock

Love it, and it fits just right. Only one and a half done so far but so excited to have finished one tonight. Easily pleased.
I used this pattern to finish the foot end of the sock because the Opal pattern hasn't reappeared since Christmas, it must have gone in the recycle with the wrapping paper.
What is it that makes knitting so therapeutic? I thought 2.5mm needles and sock yarn would grow really slowly but it doesn't and it is so rewarding to work with.
I think the fact that it enables me to just block out the world for a bit and gives me a bit of peace is a big part of it. I can see it becoming a bit of an addiction. Mum saw me doing it and said ooh aunty so and so always used to carry around her sock knitting ....
Early memories of my nanna are also full of knitting, it makes me feel closer to her in some way.


  1. Fabulous, and whilst I always thought handknitted socks might be scratchy and uncomfortable, they're not at all.
    I like the slip one, knit one, at the back of the heel, it gives it more substance where it might wear thin otherwise, and I've decided a gathered toe is just fine for me. :)

  2. hiya E :-) you're right , they're not scratchy at all and I was surprised how warm they are too.
    thank you for commenting , nice to see you, hope you've had a lovely Christmas and New year xx

  3. Looks great Dawny - and thanks for posting the link to the pattern, you have inspired me! I'm definitely going to give it a go!!
    Kara xx

  4. hiya Kara,
    i used the toe decreases on this video :

    she's got a whole set of tutorial vids 6 of them to take you through the whole thing :)
    have fun
    Dawny xx