Saturday, 25 December 2010

Started a sock on DPNs

Hey I've finished both cardi sets I was doing and started a sock yesterday - I'm thrilled and amazed at how fast it's growing :) the pattern is really easy :
2.5 dpns
Sock yarn
Stitch marker
Cast on 60 stitches as loosely as you can
Divide the stitches between 3 needles
That's 20 stitches per needle
Start the next row by joining the round as you knit into the first stitch you cast on and put in a stitch marker
Rib: 2k 2p for 16 rows
Cuff: rounds 17 to 73 K every row and this will make stocking stitch
And that's as far as I've got to as I suss more I'll post it :)
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