Tuesday, 21 December 2010

loved knitting these

Just finished knitting these for two lovely friends. The blue is newborn size, the pink is 6 months. The Baby Crofter wool I used is so soft and scrummy to knit with.
Sadly my camera is broken and the flash on my phone isn't too great but it'll give you an idea.


  1. I LOVE them Dawn, can't wait to see Taisia in the pink one - THANK YOU muchly.
    Big hugs
    Jules xx

  2. They're beautiful and I love the little curl on the hat.
    Well done you :-)

  3. thanks Sam :) I made the pattern up after reading a few baby hats , i want to get to a really pixie one :-) but not quite clever enough at it yet .
    hope you're all enjoying Christmas :) x

  4. Oh they are so cute! Well done you ;-)
    Hugs xx