Saturday, 7 August 2010

Nail Art

I've been looking at nail art on you tube and just had to share this water marbling nail art - it really is fantastic , aiming to grow my nails longer so that i can have a go.
The lady who does this video also has a blog with lots of manicure art links.

We also love looking at nail art by Love4Nails


  1. Wow i love the marble effect! I couldn't get nails that long they always break anyway and it wouldn't be practical for me but it's really pretty.
    Pat xx

  2. it is isn't it Pat, I'd never manage it either !
    the marble thing would look good on cards though:)

  3. Wow, that's stunning. Used to have an Avon customer who had her nails done like this every week - amazing. Elaine

  4. fantastic isn't it, I've yet to find out what kind of nail varnish you need to do it - do you think it's just ordinary stuff? I'd love to do it.